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Comprehensive Security Solutions for Business

Today’s businesses are all too aware of the wide range of complex cyber threats that can impact their operations, but worry not – Advanced Edge Security is here to help. We offer custom-built Unified Threat Management solutions, providing multi-layered protection, unified control over security management and, most importantly, peace of mind. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to review their unique needs before designing a plan tailored specifically to each organization – so you can rest assured that your IT staff won’t be thrown in at the deep end and your network remains safe no matter what. To find out how we can keep you one step ahead of any cyber threats, get in touch today for more information!

With Advanced Edge Security from Paterson Business Phone Systems, You Experience:

Fast Deployment 
  • Unlock unprecedented efficiency within your organization with our cloud provisioning technology! In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy instant deployment of resources without sacrificing time to tedious administration – experience the power for yourself today.
Detailed Reporting
  • Get ahead of your security and management needs with budget-friendly tools. Understand the trends quickly to ensure secure networks without breaking the bank! Maximize success today – just a few clicks away!
Ease of Management
  • Maximize your business’ protection while saving money – licensed appliances make protecting your company a breeze, offering superior security benefits that won’t break the budget.

Multi-layered UTM

Protect Against Malicious Attacks and Costly Downtime

The ever-evolving digital world is a playground of possibilities, but also comes with heightened risk. Companies must be equipped to defend against malicious attacks while still achieving peak performance. Traffic shaping technology provides an effective solution by monitoring web traffic and managing it accordingly in the event of complications – giving companies top protection without sacrificing productivity levels. As such, this valuable tool ensures businesses can stay competitive amidst today’s technological landscape.

Business owners must be vigilant to protect their data from evolving cyber threats. Investing in an effective anti-phishing system is essential for shielding networks against malicious activity and ensuring sustainable operations. A robust security solution offers reliable protection from viruses, malware, and phishing attempts – giving business leaders the assurance they need to continue cultivating success.

Our Intrusion Detection and Prevention solution stays one step ahead of cyber threats, ensuring that your operations remain safe no matter what challenges come up. Utilizing state-of-the art technology to monitor activity around the clock, we can detect malicious code or programs before they cause damage – giving you peace of mind in a time filled with uncertainty. Plus, our tailored security options are backed by 24/7 technical assistance for ultimate protection – contact us now to learn how we can safeguard your business!

Exploring the web can be a rewarding adventure, but it’s important to remain mindful of potential threats. Establishing structured safeguards and protocols is an essential way to protect yourself from malicious or inappropriate content that may appear online. Taking charge of your security across all devices will ensure a safe browsing experience for you and any family members who access the internet with you. Put in place reliable sources, secure passwords, protective software – whatever measures are necessary – so that when venturing into cyberspace, both mind and device stay protected against cybercrime and other risks associated with online use. Doing this now pays off: not only do you get peace-of-mind during web exploration; there is greater assurance knowing everyone under your roof isn’t exposed while they navigate their own digital journeys!

As a network administrator, it’s key to be one step ahead of potential security threats. Utilizing the latest tech tools like virus scanners and intrusion detection systems is an effective way to protect not just your system today, but also in the future against malicious attacks that could threaten its functionality. Keeping up-to-date on these technologies will ensure you remain guarded from danger at all times!

Safeguard your valuable data with our comprehensive SSL inspection to minimize the potential risk of malicious activity. Our revolutionary security appliance acts as an important checkpoint in inspecting content that is transported via HTTPS, SMTPS, POP3s , IMAPS & FTPS protocols before being re-encrypted and securing it against any threats along its journey.

Security & Redundancy—Simplified for the Enterprise

Paterson Business Phone Systems is the perfect choice for businesses wanting to safely manage and protect their digital assets. By ensuring only authenticated personnel have access to a network, your business risks are minimized and overall efficiency is improved. With Paterson Business Phone Systems easy integration into existing authentication systems, you don’t need to waste precious time configuring complex security settings – making it an economical solution in the long run. Paterson Business Phone Systems provides strong security and reliable policy enforcement, while at the same time taking your digital business journey to the next level. Choose Paterson Business Phone Systems – the dependable way to protect your digital assets!

At Paterson Business Phone Systems, we recognize that protecting your company’s data is of utmost importance. Our experienced specialists are committed to furnishing you with the most secure and up-to-date options available, including cloud access and 3rd-party failover monitoring. Furthermore, these comprehensive solutions are tailored to fit organizations of all sizes! Investing in your security gives you invaluable peace of mind—converse with our team today to find out how we can help safeguard what is most important for your business: its confidential information.

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